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Do you want to test your score with our Free IELTS Calculator? No worries, we’re here to help you before the exam.

The overall IELTS score is calculated by averaging four sections: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Any results with a decimal point are rounded to the nearest half or whole band. This way, you can get a precise
score of how you are doing and where you stand in the exam. Then, you can use this knowledge to improve your skills.

Grading Scale

Your band scores for
each section are graded separately. An excellent way to see how to improve your score is to use an online calculator to calculate the average of the four areas.

IELTS band scores are determined by averaging the four sections. If you’re unsure about the bands, don’t worry – it’s easy to get confused! If you’re not sure, you should take our free level test with a tutor for free!

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Grammar Quiz Results

Our test will calculate an average IELTS score based on your answers and results. Each of these tasks is graded from one to nine, and your overall band score will be the average of the four. After calculating the band scores for each section, you’ll need to round off your overall band score. This will allow you to know how many bands are in each component. For example, a band score of 3.5 means that you’ll need to study harder or require lessons. The
average band score required for most universities is around 6.5/7, depending on which country you want to visit.

The IELTS score is based on a scale of nine bands. It is different from other standardised tests, such as the TOEFL. This means it is essential to know how to calculate IELTS before taking the test. 

Our test includes a complete 30-minute grammar quiz that tests your level and converts it to an average IELTS score. You must know the band score for each question before starting the exam. Before starting a race, you need to know how far you are travelling. Is it a marathon or a sprint?

Your Results

Your Results – B1 and Below

If you have a level of B1 or below, you aren’t ready for the IELTS exam just yet. As you can see from the table, you need a minimum of B2 to start preparing for the IELTS exam. Why? Because you need to make sure you know the basic grammar uses and have a vast enough vocabulary to answer IELTS questions.

If you have taken our Free Test or Course and have received a B1/5 result, we recommend our 90-Day Course, which prepares and improves your English level for 60-days and includes 30-days Live Intensive IELTS Training which starts every month. Our 90-Day Intensive Course is our most comprehensive and complete Course, which guarantees results. We will guide you through every step of the process. We provide you with a personalised learning plan and homework to improve your level based on your results. It’s the most effective and quickest way to learn. With fortnightly progress tests, we will constantly be checking your level, and as soon as you achieve B2/5.5 or above, we will book you into the next 30-Day Intensive to get you the results you need within 30 days.

IELTS 90 Day Intensive Course

If you like more information on the scoring process and fees for the IELTS exam, please visit the British Council website for further details.

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