Multiple Choice Questions in the IELTS Reading

As a student, you have most certainly encountered multiple-choice questions on many occasions. So it should be no surprise that the IELTS exam uses them too! Today we’re answering multiple-choice questions in the IELTS Reading.

multiple choice ielts reading

We’ve created our quick guide on answering Multiple Choice Questions in the IELTS Reading exam.

In the IELTS Reading Paper, multiple-choice questions are used to quickly test the student’s ability to understand the critical point of the text.

Therefore, you may need to read more than one sentence or passage to answer the questions.

There are three types of multiple-choice questions:

  • Choose one answer from 1-6.
  • Choose two answers from 1-4.
  • Choose three answers from A – E.

What’s the gist?

Compared to others, multiple-choice questions are a guaranteed question type in the IELTS Reading exams.

So make sure you read the question and options correctly…

Rushing and skim reading is not the same thing. When you’re in a hurry, it’s frantic, undisciplined and will not help you progress. Skim reading to locate the answers using our strategies will combine your speed and focus.

It’s best to skim each paragraph to decide its main idea. The main idea may be more than one sentence, but the first line will generally introduce the text’s central idea.

Remember the process, and start eliminating if all else fails!

What’s the main idea of the text below?

A bit of stress can be good for your mental and physical wellbeing, but too much can lead to anxiety, depression and other health problems. It can also make you age faster. So learning to become more stress-resilient is important if you’re not in a hurry to grow old fast.

Studies have shown that people who aren’t good at managing their stress can increase their risk of dying prematurely by 43%. The increase in deaths might in part be due to the effect stress has on DNA.

Choose an option below that is the most suitable for the text:

  1. Wellbeing is key to remaining youthful
  2. Our DNA is the key to our happiness
  3. Health problems can cause rapid ageing

When selecting a choice, perhaps you have no idea. Eliminate the option you know that does not apply. For example, ‘health problems’ doesn’t cause rapid ageing. So we have already eliminated one of the choices.

Now we have two left:

  1. Wellbeing is key to remaining youthful
  2. Our DNA is the key to our happiness

We can see that DNA and wellbeing are both mentioned, which could distract us. To avoid these, make sure the information of the statement is located in the text, either with the exact words used or synonyms/paraphrased questions.

Furthermore, the main idea is generally stated at the start of a text, as in the introduction. So guess what? We now have the final correct answer…

Wellbeing is key to remaining youthful

Please visit the full article on The Conversation website here to read more for the full article.

Next lesson, we’ll see you when we explore Identifying Writers’ Claims and Points of View!

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