Your IELTS Reading Exam Study Guide

This blog is your IELTS Reading Exam Study Guide for at home in 2022. We have broken down the steps of what we teach in the IELTS Course at ezIELTS and created a blog course so that anybody can pass the exam!

How To Answer IELTS Speaking Cue Cards

The IELTS Reading Exam Basics

  • Lasts for 60 minutes long
  • Three Sections around 800-1200 words each
  • The texts become more difficult
  • General candidates focus on daily life, how-to, and guidebooks.
  • Academic candidates concentrate on essays and articles.

What Will You Read?

You will read a range of texts depending on taking the general or academic version of the IELTS exam. These texts will represent the type of test you are taking. For example, for general test-takers, those who want to immigrate or work abroad require you to read job postings, guidebooks, and public daily life activity-based reading.

For academic test takers, you will focus on academically focused writing. Typically, you will read an essay or article.

The texts change and can vary from 800-1200 words long each. That’s around 3000 in total. It’s a lot of words. So, if you’re a slow reader, this might sound like a nightmare to you…

… Don’t fear. We have created a study plan below for practising at home to achieve the high score you deserve and secure your place abroad.

How To Plan Your Study

Lesson 1 –  First, you’ve read this post to be familiar with the Reading Exam and what to expect. If you want a summary and guidebook to all the other posts attached to this training, come back to this post.

Lesson 2 – Flowcharts, notes, summaries, and tables

Lesson 3 – Short answer and sentence completion questions

Lesson 4 – Matching Questions

Lesson 5 – Identifying writers claims

Lesson 6 – Multiple Choice

Lesson 7 – Test Your Level For Free

Extra Practice – Reading Material

Need further help?

I hope you’ve enjoyed your IELTS Reading Study Guide. If you would like a teacher to guide you through or need someone to motivate you to get started, get in touch with us and see how we can help.

At ezIELTS, we have studied abroad too; please take a look at some of our pictures from around the world. We know the importance of growing, aiming high, and travelling worldwide.

We can help with that, whether it’s advice on the IELTS exam, VISA’s for travelling/working abroad, or just advising the best place to
go for a drink nearby. We’ve got you covered… 

Enrol our Intensive Courses for IELTS Preparation or if you would like to just keep reading new material in English, try out The Conversation for up-to-date articles written by academics here.

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