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After more than 5 years of teaching around the world. I have created the perfected program for a student to pass their IELTS exam with a 7+ score…

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The English language is an important life skill, and after all this travelling and teaching I noticed that the courses being taught for IELTS were outdated, expensive and textbook oriented. Therefore, I created this website to facilitate students to achieve their goals. ezIELTS teach English not just as a language but as an experience by using real-life scenarios.

Zachary Cane

Hey there, my name is Zachary Cane. I'm the founder of the ezIELTS.


After 5 years of teaching around the world, I have created the perfected program for a student to pass their IELTS exam with a 7+ score. At ezIELTS, we pride ourselves on providing;

1. Expert Native Teachers that provide detailed feedback for your score progression.

2. We offer a free course and score indicator for all students. We help you achieve a score of 7+ and above to get into university and study abroad.

3. Lifetime support until you pass! (We love to stay in touch and share travel stories)!

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ezIELTS is an inclusive IELTS Exam Preparation School. We are UK based online school, providing highly tailored courses for IELTS UK. Our team is enthusiastic, experienced, and specialise in preparing students to achieve higher scores in the IELTS examination. We go above and beyond to facilitate our students to make their experience rewarding and successful. We are an independent organisation and are responsible to maintain our quality standards.

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To help individuals travel the world and study abroad by improving their IELTS score. We believe travelling makes you modest and imparts new vigour to the mind. Travelling and studying abroad can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. We help people live those dreams. Regardless of whether needing to consider law or zoology, we’re interested! We will assist you to get into the University of your Dreams and plan your route step by step…